Interactive Maps

FORUM-ASIA’s Repressive Laws Mapping and Monitoring

FORUM-ASIA’s advocacy work centres on envisioning just and accountable societies and governments. Around the world, individuals and communities, including human rights defenders, are being harassed and targeted by repressive laws. These laws exist largely under the guise of preserving a nation’s unity and integrity and have vague and arbitrary provisions.

FORUM-ASIA monitors the developments of these repressive laws through this interactive map – how it systematically targets human rights defenders, stifles freedom of expression, and restricts freedom of assembly and association in the countries we work on. The selection of repressive laws is based on a survey conducted by FORUM-ASIA with its member organisations in early 2016.

What is in this site?

Through this site, FORUM-ASIA monitors restrictive laws in selected countries in Asia. A brief background of these laws can immediately be found; its most problematic provisions and articles, recommendations, and other overarching themes can be found in the corresponding country chapter of our regional report.

Send us your updates…

To send us updates of repressive laws within the region, or updates on your organisation’s work related to these laws, please email:

[email protected]

These can range from:

  • New legislative developments (bills being drafted)
  • Cases of judicial harassment (filing of charges, convictions)
  • Organisational statements / press releases regarding these laws.