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The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development

FORUM-ASIA works to promote and protect human rights, including the right to development, through collaboration and cooperation among human rights organisations and defenders in Asia and beyond.

FORUM-ASIA is a network of 82 member organisations across 23 countries, across Asia. It was founded in 1991 in Manila, the Philippines. Its Regional Secretariat was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1992. Since then, offices have been opened in Geneva, Jakarta, and Kathmandu.

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Our Regional Secretariat

The Regional Secretariat of FORUM-ASIA has been based in Bangkok since 1992. The Secretariat is composed of an international team of professionals, with their work structured through programmes that reflect the strategies and priorities of FORUM-ASIA.

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Our Programmes

NHRIs Advocacy Programme

FORUM-ASIA’s advocacy work on National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) is conducted by the NHRIs Advocacy Programme. The programme’s main objective is to ensure that NHRIs are able to function in an environment that is conducive for the actualisation of their mandate. The programme mainly operates through the ANNI, a network of Asian non-governmental organisations and human rights defenders working on issues relating to NHRIs.

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Communication and Media Programme

The Communication and Media (CM) Programme works on internal and external communication to maximise the organisational outreach to its members, partners and outside audiences through traditional and social media strategies, publications and other communication tools. The primary role of the programme is to create a larger constituency for human rights issues in Asia.

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 Development and Knowledge Management

The Development and Knowledge Management was established in October 2017 with the aim to develop strategies and engage on emerging key issues, such as business and human rights, civic space, development, and youth, in partnership with stakeholders, youth groups, universities, and other civil society organisations across the world.

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EA-ASEAN Programme

FORUM-ASIA’s East Asia and ASEAN Programme supports the work of FORUM-ASIA’S member organisations at the national level in consonance with ASEAN human rights advocacy. It aims to enhance the independence and effectiveness of the ASEAN human rights mechanisms by strengthening the participation of national civil societies.

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Human Rights Defenders Programme

FORUM-ASIA’s Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) Programme seeks to facilitate the creation of an enabling work environment for HRDs, including women human rights defenders (WHRDs), by reducing both actual and perceived threats stemming from the work and activities of HRDs and WHRDs.

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South Asia Programme

FORUM-ASIA’s South Asia Programme supports the work of FORUM-ASIA’s member organisations in the South Asian region. FORUM-ASIA strives to enhance inter-programme synergy, cooperation, and coordination within the Secretariat for effective advocacy, campaigning, and networking.

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United Nations Advocacy Programme

The United Nations (UN) Advocacy Programme strives to bring an Asian perspective to global human rights discourses through continued engagement with UN human rights mechanisms. FORUM-ASIA connects Asian human rights defenders and civil society to official and geopolitical discourses at the UN.

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Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Programme

The Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PME) Programme plays an important and key role in supporting the other programmes and the organisation at large, to develop and further strengthen its internal planning, monitoring and evaluation systems, as well as to lead donor reporting and documentation processes.

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Our Donors

FORUM-ASIA’s work is made possible by these generous donors.