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Freedom of Expression Project Series

Hate speech against the Rohingya in Myanmar.  A narrative calling for the killings of drug users in the Philippines.  Repression of Indonesia’s LGBTQI community.  The crackdown against expression in Thailand.

All over South East Asia, governments have sought to stifle freedom of expression in a myriad of ways, utilising an arsenal of tools ranging from repressive legislation to discrimination to outright violence. We have seen how these actions have led to the further marginalisation of the vulnerable, and a climate of fear for all.  We have also witnessed how civil society has continued to fight back, the rise of online activism, the building of communities, and the relentless solidarity among organisations on the ground and within Asia.

Within this context, FORUM-ASIA is proud to launch its Freedom of Expression series, highlighting the situation of freedom of expression in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. This is part of our work in advocating for fundamental freedoms, following the Instruments of Repression report, and in supporting our civil society partners in the work they’ve committed to do: stand up for everyone’s human rights.

Part 1. ‘We are Still Here’ Freedom of Expression in the Shadow of Duterte’s ‘War on Drugs’

Part 2. Thailand Rising, Resistance and Dissent in the Land of Siamese Smiles