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Third straight day of protests demanding PM’s resignation

By | Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association, Thailand

Talu Fah group protest at the police headquaters and threw the paint to the sign and try to show that they only protested peacefully. The police fired the water cannon while several firecracker-like sound could be heard. After the lead protestor annnounced the end of protest, the police (armed with shields and rubber bullet firearms) disperse the protestors who were dancing at the time. 6 people were arrrested

Thalufah returns with a third protest march

By | Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association, Thailand

Talu Fah Group arranged the 3rd protest (1st-on 11 Aug, 2nd on 13 Auh) against the government’s mishandling of the covid19 pandemic and demand the resignation of the PM near the victory monument. A barrier of razor wire and containers were used to block the rally. Police also fired water cannon and tear gas and disperse the protestors. 13 people were arrested and one of them was not part of the protestor, only pizza delivery. 5 of them are minors There is also report of using live ammunition. One minor was reported to be shot at the neck and now his condition is still in comatose state.

By | Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association, Hong Kong

Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), the pro-democracy group that organizes Hong Kong’s annual July 1 rally and galvanized millions to take part in street protests in 2019, said it has disbanded, in the latest blow to the opposition movement.

Oversight Board – Case decision 2021-007-FB-UA

By | Freedom of Expression, Myanmar

The Facebook Oversight Board has ordered Facebook to restore a post from a user in Myanmar criticizing the country’s new regime and its ties with China. The post was initially taken down for violating policies on racial hate speech against Chinese people, but the Oversight Board found the offending phrase was more appropriately viewed as political criticism of the Chinese government.